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The secessionists flag.

Anguilla - A British Invasion!

Britain was drawn back to her colonial role in March 1969 as a result of deteriating relationship within the Associated State of St. Kitts - Nevis - Anguilla. Ronald Webster, a local landowner on Anguilla led a revolt against the Associated States government under the leadership of Robert Bradshaw. As a result Robert Bradshaw promised to suppress the rebels by invading the island. Fearing bloodshed, the British government despatched troops and 40 policemen to Anguilla to restore calm to the situation. Britain had been drawn back into it's Imperial past.

A British paratrooper searches Anguillans after the British landing on the island in march 1969. The military withdrew in September, leaving only a detachment of Royal Engineers to assist with development work.


The British Navel frigate HMS Minerva welcomes Anguillan children aboard. A novel use of the main armament can be seen as British forces try to win over the islanders trust and co-operation.


Members of the 40 strong London Police squad demonstrate the art of peacekeeping -- At least they retain one symbol of their authority!

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